About US


Rev. Yountae Kim Pastor

Rev. William S. Barnes Pastor Emeritus

The Rev. Robert E. Rhodes, Jr. Minister in Residence

Heidi Flower Director of Music & Organist

A Growing Christian Community of Faith and Action

  • as a community, we will hold one another in our care;
  • as a Christian community, we will find our center, our direction, and our focus for who we are in the Lord Jesus Christ;
  • as a Growing Christian community, we will be actively open and intentionally welcoming to strangers and newcomers;
  • as a Christian community of faith, we will commit ourselves to the nurturing and strengthening of our faith by God’s Word and Sacraments through regular worship and personal devotion;
  • and as a growing community of faith in action, we will work actively to translate the faith experienced here into deeds of action in the world beyond.