Welcome to the web presence of the Prospect United Methodist Church. The “real” presence of Prospect Church is in the world – being individual instruments of God’s love wherever our members go. Called to service, we are centered in worship. We worship on Sunday mornings at 8:30 in the chapel and 10:00 in the sanctuary.

During the months of July and August we have one worship service at 9:00 am in Sessions Hall.

Prospect is known as a family and child-friendly church. Children attend the opening portion of the 10:00 a.m. service with their families, come forward for the children’s message, then go to their Sunday School classes. Nursery care is provided for infants and toddlers. Holy Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month at the 10:00 a.m. service and each Sunday at the 8:30 service. We invite you to check out the “real” presence of Prospect church. A warm welcome awaits. (more)



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Bring your children and their backpacks. let's bless new school years with hope and joy!

22 hours ago

Pastor Kim, Happy Church (4): "Laughing Matters"

4 days ago

The Rockwell Park Festival is Saturday, August 19th. The committee in charge of having live band music all day thought that prayer and worship would be a great way to start the Festival. Please come ... See more

6 days ago

Bring your children and their backpacks. let's bless new school years!!

1 week ago

Pastor Kim; Happy Church (3): "Pray and be happy"

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Shared from Laura Galbraith: tomorrow night at 8pm.
Hey Bristol ... I'm sad and angry as I watch the news coming from Charlottesville today. What to do about all this racist hate? Join me and others ... See more

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Prepare for NEW SCHOOL YEAR!!!

1 week ago
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Please Join on September 2nd at Rockwell Park For a fun filled day at Bow Wow Bark in the Park from 10-6 to raise awareness for Pitbulls and Shelter animals!!


1 week ago

Get ready for September!!!!

2 weeks ago

Sing unto the Lord, Make a joyful sound. lift up your voices. and let your praise resound. Sing a victory song. In the time of war trust in Jesus. The battle is the Lord's!

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